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Nonton Film Indonesia Air Terjun Pengantin Phuket (2013)

Air Terjun Pengantin Phuket (2013)

Genre: Thriller
Quality: Year: Duration: 83 MinView: 5,266 views
1 votes, average 10.0 out of 10

Nonton Film Indonesia Air Terjun Pengantin Phuket (2013) – After experiencing a disaster that has claimed the life of his fiancee on the Island of the Bride, Tiara (Tamara Blezynski) decided to calm down on the coast of Phuket, Thailand. Opening a small bar with his best friend Lea (Laras Monca), Tiara took the time to explore Thai Boxing as a form of past revenge and trauma. Until one day his best friend in college, Alan (Darius Sinathrya) who still kept a sense of Tiara, came to visit and intended to take Tiara back to Indonesia. Alan came with his niece Maureen (Kimberly Ryder), Kenny (Stephan William) and Aida (Princess Una). As a good host, Lea immediately arranged their vacation, by visiting the islands around Phuket. When the ship they were traveling on broke down and was forced to stop at a foreign island. Tiara realized, there was something strange on the island. Tiara felt that the past would continue to pursue her, wherever she went. This time, Tiara decided not to avoid. But he will face it. [1]

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Language: Bahasa indonesia

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